Freshly Brewed at Republikha Art Gallery

Republikha Gallery in collaboration with Project Space Pilipinas is proud to present Freshly Brewed, a group exhibition showcasing works by Carlo Gabuco, Amer Mira, Joey Cobcobo, Ian Carlo Jaucian, Ranelle Dial, Tristram Miravalles, Caloy Gernale, Joe Geraldo, Zean Cabangis, and Marc Cosico.

Freshly Brewed takes a fresher look on the variety of artistic concerns, as each artist respond to the round format as a dynamic visual device. As noted by Rudolf Arnheim in his book, The Power of the Center, “A frame can be intimately connected with the composition it encases. It can act as a window through which one sees a more or less distant scene, extending beyond and beneath the limits of the frame.”

The round or circular shape on the other hand, breaks away from the usual spatial continuum reinforced by the more structural angled frames. The adaptation of diverse narratives and metaphors in the circular border places the picture more, as a symbolic object or an idea, rather than a window to see through. Arnheim also added that, “roundness is the suitable shape for objects that belong nowhere and everywhere, it is impregnable and unconcerned. Having no angles and no edges, it points nowhere and has no weak spots.” And these, make the circular shape the most fitting format in presenting freshly brewed and inviting ideas in art.

Freshly Brewed runs until June 8, 2011.

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