Infectious: Christopher Zamora

Urbanization in the country today is escalating in an inevitable degree due to the immense proliferation of popular media such as the television, radio, magazines, and the internet. It has subjected loads of young people to a consumerist “what’s hot and trendy” lifestyle, transforming them into a massive agent of popular culture. Despite the worsening extent of poverty in the country, these young people still seek the importance of being identified as a citizen of the modern world, thus creating a culture of “show-offs.” Their intake of countless popular symbols, icons, music, language, style and fashion represent a kind of ideology, a defense or protection for survival.

The variety of emblems they carry, be it emo, punk or bling-bling clearly defines the group they want to be classified, and such grouping has spelled greater influence on the development or decay of their psychological and intellectual maturity. The effects of socio-economic instability, rapid developments in mass media and technology, has caused adverse consequences in the behavior of the youth, engaging themselves to risky activities such as smoking, drinking, drug use, gang wars, sex and violence.

Infectious magnifies images of young people who incessantly reinvents and replicates identities as an aid to conceal and liberate spirits.

West Gallery

Charlie Co: Images in Black

Bacolod artist Charlie Co, known for his vibrant and loud colors in his oil on canvas paintings, experiments this time on large-scale drawings done in charcoal on paper in his upcoming show “IMAGES IN BLACK” at Gallery Orange. Using charcoal as his medium, this style is new to Co, but he still achieves in his story-telling in the images in his latest artworks as he always does in oil paintings.

Images in Black opens on Feb. 6 at 6pm. Show will run until Feb. 15. Gallery Orange is located at the 2nd Flr., Lopue’s Annex Bldg, Mandalagan. For more details, please contact Carmel at 7090604 or email