NEAR Resident Artist: Jinsuk Che

"Variety of narratives about life can be found behind my works. They are often motivated by the definite and the essential in life. The idea of “origin” fascinates me. I constantly muse about the mystery of birth, life and death. As a point of departure in many of my works, I often ask, where do I begin? Where do I go from here? When and how will it end?

This concern also allows me to explore deeper into ideas such as creation and extinction, it makes me wonder how all our lives are connected or inter-connected to each other, why we are created, what we hope, and what we desire in living. I believe that to desire, to hope and to aspire is very human. It exists everywhere, all the time."

Jinsuk Che (b. 1979) is a media artist based in Seoul, South Korea. She is currently finishing her Ph.D. in Digital Media Design, Media Technology at the So-Gang University in Seoul. Jinsuk is the director of “Art Space Plastic” an independent artist-run space located within the compound of her family’s plastic recycling factory.

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