2nd NEAR Artist-in-Residence: Christopher Zamora

Introspection can never exist in a vacuum. The slightest twitching of the senses from outside stimuli is what inspires Christopher Zamora to believe so. His raw manipulation of light and dark on canvas bleeds power by exposing sharp realities that seem banal at first glance. Silip is emphatically shouting of dependence on the hypnosis by technology while Pasang-Krus presents the mirage of a Western “skaterboy” culture and the menial tasks unique to Filipino experiences. With them, the individual now becomes the extension of ideas beyond their explicit actions and opens an internal debate shying away from plain sight.

The contrition of the soul is manifest in the charade of the body in the piece Action and Reaction by demonstrating anguish after a torturous affair. This pain is a common compounding of the personal and social issues in play in every subject of Zamora’s work. Although in chaos, they are perfect images of the symphony of problems and escape harbored within the common individual.

They are indeed two-dimensional yet the depths of every stroke placed on these static contrivances convey a dare. They are challenges to examine and continually reexamine life without the trappings of norms built by stubborn beliefs and acceptances. Some may even have the arrogant conviction that they are staring at the images but the converse may also be true. These colors on textile gaze back like a mirror soaked with our own reflections to ask who we truly are as a people and as sentient persons. http://chzamora108.multiply.com (Art Staring Back by Lloyd Capilit Llaga)

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